Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Vision 21st

I've set a few BIG plans for my 21st (they are big for me at least and I'm SERIOUS about it)

  • I WANT to go MELBOURNE during my trimester break (mid-year) , I WANT to visit my frens there, look for interesting buildings, exihibitions, etc.

  • I WANT to find an INTERNSHIP in Welly and if I manage, I'd take it as my part time throughout the year. I WANT to ENRICH my resume and portfolio ( which I havent completed).

  • I WANT to apply for STUDENT EXCHANGE for my 4th year Interior Architecture. My aiming universities are University of Texas at Austin and University of Art and Design Helsinki (at the moment). I need to work really hard for good grades, I need to get a recommendation letter(s), I need to write a persuasive statement of purpose for my application. I need to be fully prepared in order to get the exchange.
  • I WANT to graduate this year. After I get a degree this year, I WANT to come back to Malaysia and go to Taiwan for travelling. I WANT to visit Kwang Yee and all my friends in Taiwan.
What I need to do now is to continue my savings for travelling, find heaps of information and get as much experience as I can for the exchange programme.