Monday, January 3, 2011

Whada Dream.....

I dreamed that I had to give a speech to some MINISTERS in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay). I didn't prepare and I was blanked out when I started my speech. I need to hold a mic somemore, here's how I started: "Selamat pagi pendatang yang bukan dari sini......" How on earth did I come to this sentence??!! Then I was cut off by someone (I can't remember who, mayb someone I don't know) I think I must have embarrassed them. Then he/she(can't remember) told me that I have to greet the people with higher status first (should be the ministers la). So I flowed my eyes along the people who sat on the stage, and there my opening speech went: Selamat pagi..... Janet Fam (!!!), Francis Lo (!!!)...Emily Yii (!!!).....and many many others that I can't remember. For those who don't know, they are my secondary school friends. And they were wearing the prefect uniform that we used to wear in secondary school! lol......ministers!

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