Monday, December 27, 2010

My laziness is calling me again, that's why my updates are getting slower.
Christmas day here is SOOOOOOOOOO veryyyyyy quiet. Mainly because 95% of the shops are closed and people just celebrate at home or somewhere else but the city. There weren't many things I could do, so me and my few other friends decided to do baking, cooking and watch drama. What a typical aunty's life... Actually no, we are training ourselves to become the perfect future housewives. We made different food - seafood pasta, pizza, chowder, pie, soft-centred mocha pudding (心太软), creme brulee and scones, from lunch to supper. I dunno whether the food consider delicious for other people but it is for us cos we made it~ Not bad la to be honest.
Yesterday was boxing day, a shopperholic day. It was busy almost everywhere. Everyone likes sales. But the sales weren't as huge as I thought, I expected 30%-80%, lol, how greedy... I bought a long pants and a bar of chocolate.

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