Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anin's 21st

Karen, Anin, Justine, me

(13 Dec)Happy 21st Anin - who refused to blow candles for her 21st b'day. Accept it Anin!
Had a really great time at her place in Naenae, where we have to take a train to get there (sounds far but actually not quite, train is like a bus here). As usual, Anin and her family always feed us with heaps of delicious food and her bunnies often entertain us (one of them is at Justine's arms in the photo). We had a food marathon (is the spelling correct?) from 3pm till 7pm. We were all well-fed like her bunnies. And and, I had satays and chendol!! The food that I miss so much....T.T
There are many things we can do at her house - ping pong, piano, wii, board and card games, ransack anin's room and try on her heels ( I think she has the biggest shoe collection among the friend I've known so far)
We are glad that Anin is turning more asian now (cos she used to be internally white, tho she's still). Good job Anin! Our aim is to turn you into pure ASIAN!


Lik MinG said...

Sounds super fun gal!! Hahaha haven't caught up wif ya in a while... XD How're ya doing..?

Angelicjin said...

Totally agree.
And I must say, you looking good gal~ xD