Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Round and Bald

There was a Christmas special event at the Old Bank Arcade this evening. If you buy more than 20 dollars, you'll get to enter a lucky draw. The prizes were very attractive so Karen and I went to draw a luck. Unfortunately, it's not our luck today. It was funny that we stood in front of the prize list and picked the prizes we wanted as if we can get them very easily, lol. Anyway, what's not ours is not ours.

Another beginning day of work for the week. It's quite a good working day for me, cos it's busy. And my tasks were mainly wash dishes, dry, serving and clearing table, not much talking and thinking, which I prefer, rather than taking order and sorting bills. And since it was busy, I was always busy in front of tauke neo (btw, 'tauke neo' means 'female boss/the boss wife' in hokkien). It's funny that she called me Ah Hui. Quite nice to hear that actually, cos no one in Wellington ever call me that, it's how my family call me. Than other staff think it's easier to remember, so they also start to call me Ah Hui, lol.

I find it quite hard to introduce myself in NZ, cos it's hard for kiwis to pronounce and remember 'Hui', so usually I introduce myself as 'Lee' to kiwis (which I don't really like but I'm quite used to it already), the problem is when they talk to my friends who call me 'Lai', sometimes there will b disconnection on the person that they are talking. To mandarin speaking people, I usually introduce myself as 'Lee Hui'. So I don't really know which one is the best to use.

Working in restaurant, I find myself taking one extra meal, I have 4 meals today! Usually in the working place, we have dinner at 9pm, which is just when I finish work. But I can't starve b4 I go to work, otherwise I have no energy to work. It's nice to have different dishes, but the food there is quite oily and salty - MSG (it's how usually Chinese restaurant food taste). I guess you'll see me round and bald after a month XD.

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