Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Karen and Kei's Birthdays

As I mentioned, there were many b'day celebrations last week. We celebrated Karen's b'day at Fujiyama Tepanyaki on Tuesday. The interesting part of dining there was that the chef cook in front of you. Like this:
It's actually quite entertaining, especially when he did the fried rice because he made us catch eggs! First, he threw a raw egg and we had to catch it with a bowl. Then, he used the eggs we caught and fried egg, and he would throw small pieces of fried egg and we had to catch it with our mouth! We all manage to catch the raw eggs in our bowl in 1 time, but for the fried egg, i caught it for my 2nd time, karen 3 times and Justine & Anin caught it the 1st time! Let's see Anin's expression when he threw the fried egg:
Finally, after he was done with the fried rice, he filled the rice in bowls and threw them to us, again, we had to catch it with another bowls. None of us missed that 8-)
Karen with Justine, Me and Anin. Happy 22nd Karen!! xoxo


Kei Kei's B'day @ Martha Pantry

Yes we all love baking and dessert so we decided for a high tea at Martha Pantry. It's a very fancy place where we can get tea in cozy teapot, and XXS desserts on layer glass trays. We got really excited when we saw them. Imagine how girls react when they see cute stuff.
Cozy teapots with flavoured tea: Pink one was Peppermint jasmine tea and blue one was vanilla rose(?) tea if I'm correct.
The birthday girl with our fancy refreshments on the tray. A candle for Kei=) xoxo
Sarah's mum and Sarah. Her mum came for her graduation. Btw, there were so many parents around last week cos it was graduation period. I miss my family too!!!

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