Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random stuff - Pick and Read

  • Yay, off day today! Actually I only work for 3 nights, off 7 days and 4 nights. I like this, not too busy or too bored, still can enjoy the holiday.

  • This coming Monday-Wednesday is graduation period. Congratulations to all my friends who graduated!! I'm one of them but I'm attending next year's convocation. So I'll be a guest this time. Hopefully the weather will be good on the parade day.

  • I'll be going back to Malaysia in about 1.5 month time! Excited~ At the same time, it's sad that some of my friends here are going back to their countries for good.

  • I think I'm overdosed with caffeine now. Had a coffee and tiramisu today, I can feel the speed of my heart beat...

  • Oh ya, 2 days ago, I managed to grab an online deal from Groupy. It's a salon package! It includes professional consultation (according to the description), cut, blow, colour, highlight, treatment and GHD finish at Stella Hair Design. I got this worth of $285 package for $90! There goes my 4 nights of work (Don't get me wrong, I mean restaurant work!). But yea, I think it's a pretty good deal for my Chinese New Year new hairstyle. The voucher will be expired in Feb 2011 so I'll go to the salon in mid-Jan before I leave to Christchurch. It'll be my very first hair-dye. Still haven't decided what colour I'm going for. Any suggestions?

  • 3 close friends (Anin, Kei and Karen) birthday celebrations this coming week! Gonna have lots of programs this week^^

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